Amour de Deutz (magnum), blanc de blanc 2006

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Størrelse: 1.5 L (Magnum)
Prestige cuvee fra Deutz i magnum flaske i original gaveæske.
Stand ‘A’ flaske og opbevares i vinkøleskab.

Lidt yderligere beskrivelse fra hjemmeside ‘Inspired by the graceful cherub from whom its name derives, Amour de Deutz 2006 is a rare cuvée.
Born of the romance of Chardonnay's Grands Crus and nurtured in a heaven of natural chalks, it boasts the impish charme of youth, which will gradually softens over the years to reveal the grape's quintessential qualities in a harmony for all the senses. A unique, refined and unexpected cuvée. Its visual aspect immediately announces a great tasting pleasure.’
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