About Us

About us

Your Marketplace
for buying and selling
extraordinary wines

Founded by wine enthusiasts
and tech professionals in Denmark

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The story

ShareWine was founded in 2019 with the ambition to create a leading peer-to-peer marketplace for fellow fine wine enthusiasts – primarily by hosting digital wine auctions. Our goal was to disrupt the traditional processes through connected economy; enabling users to interact, buy and sell wine in a hassle-free manner directly from cellar to cellar.

The marketplace has experienced rapid growth and popularity among wine lovers in Denmark, and achieved thousands of trades and new users. In the beginning of 2022, international demand thus led to our European expansion. We now welcome users of all European nationalities and encourage all sellers to provide international shipping.

The concept

At ShareWine, the majority of wines are sold directly from private sellers by auction, however the platform also supports fixed price listings. Everything from heavy costs of fees to time consuming barriers related to trading exceptional wine are thus reduced significantly. Moreover, the platform facilitates easy communication, secure payment and integrated shipping services between buyers and sellers as an option to make the trading process as smooth and secure as possible.

From our WineHub/HQ in Denmark, we also conduct commision sales on behalf of private collectors and restaurants, who want discretion about allocations wines and/or handling of larger batches. These rare gems are auctioned directly by ShareWine every sunday night.


Meet our founder


"A visit to Piedmont in 2008 kickstarted my passion for wine. Growing ever since, I finally in 2019 decided to make this profound hobby into a business that could solve the hassel and costly barriers I kept encountering, when hunting for extraordinary wines.

Prior to this, I founded the global software business Planday, in which I worked since 2004, running product and software development of the platform as CTO until 2018

ShareWine was founded upon my knowledge into the world of tech and goal to create a secure peer-to-peer marketplace that gives fellow wine enthusiasts easy access to buy and sell extraordinary wines.

I am proud that ShareWine everyday connects finewine lovers all over Europe."

- Mikkel

Loved by our users

  • There are relatively many rare wines available at attractive prices, because of the large userbase.
    – Markus Krarup, user since April 2019
  • I have been able to find a lot of wines on ShareWine, which are almost impossible to find anywhere else. It's primarily wines of a certain age, and especially vintages from Burgundy and Barolo around 2005 - 2010 that I have been looking for. In this segment, ShareWine really shines through against other wine sites!
    – Nicolai Bjerregaard-Skytte, user since January 2019
  • The best thing about ShareWine is how user friendly it is. It's incredible easy to use compared to anything else I've tried.
    – Jacob Boye, user since November 2019