Terms & Conditions


ShareWine mediates buying and selling through ads/listings on the website www.sharewine.com. When you visit or use services from ShareWine, you accept the following terms.

The services are made available to you by:

ShareWine ApS

A. P. Møllers Alle 37

2791 Dragør

CVR 40048294.

These terms and conditions come into force on 1.1.2019



Buying and selling through ShareWine's platform requires a valid membership at Sharewine.

A member who creates an ad/listing is henceforth referred to as "Seller". A member who makes use of an ad/listing to buy wine is hereafter referred to as the "Buyer".

By creating a membership on ShareWine, you accept the following conditions:

  • You are 18 years old or older at the time of creation.
  • Your profile is strictly confidential and may not be lent to or shared with others.
  • You may only create one profile on Sharewine. 
  • You have given correct information such as name, address, phone number, email address in ShareWine's member profile or when creating your membership via a Facebook profile.
  • You accept ShareWine's personal data policy, read more here.
  • A member can make changes to or delete his information at any time under the "user profile". When the information is deleted, the membership is automatically considered terminated.
  • A membership cannot be deleted or terminated as long as the profile has ongoing transactions that have not been completed.
  • The EU directive DAC7 means that ShareWine is obliged to share sales data with the tax authorities for sellers who have more than 30 sales in a year or have sales exceeding 2,000 euro within a year.
  • It is your responsibility as a seller on ShareWine to report any potentially taxable income to your local tax authorities, and ShareWine cannot be held responsible for this.
  • The general terms and conditions are drawn up in accordance with Danish law. Both users and ShareWine are subject to the general rules of Danish law.
  • Sharewine may at any time suspend or cancel the account of a user who is or appears to be in breach of the membership terms.


The seller is responsible for ensuring that the goods put up for sale on ShareWine do not violate the law or ShareWine's rules.

ShareWine is entitled to remove content from ShareWine's services, without notice, if ShareWine deems it to be in violation of ShareWine's rules or in violation of the law.

It is the seller's responsibility to ensure that images and texts on ShareWine's services do not infringe the rights of third parties. Furthermore, it is the seller’s responsibility to upload original photos of the actual items put up for sale. ShareWine is entitled to remove ads created by a seller, if the image content contains i.e. stock photos.  

The seller may only create and sell goods that he has the right to dispose of and resell.

The seller accepts that ShareWine has the right to use images from sales ads in other commercial contexts, including newsletters and social media.

It is not permitted to link or refer to your own or others' websites in advertisements created on ShareWine. 

ShareWine does not pre-approve the items available through created ads. However, ShareWine reserves the right to close an ad or move it to a different category than the original one. An ad can be closed if it provides misleading information about the value or content of a wine or is deemed to be in breach of legislation or ShareWine's rules in general.



Types of trades.

This agreement includes the following types of transactions:

  • Private trade between two private users
  • Commercial trade

Transactions between private users on ShareWine are basically civil purchases. This means, among other things, that there is no right of return.

Bids submitted on listings are legally binding, and the buyer is thus obliged to buy and pay for the item, in some cases provided that the seller has accepted the bid.

The seller may only sell goods that he has the right to dispose of and resell.

The winning bid(s) in the auctions will be the highest bid(s) that are higher than any minimum price, and meet any other conditions for the auction in question.

If the highest bid is subsequently removed from ShareWine, the seller is free to accept the second highest bid, but is not obliged to. 

All bids submitted at an auction where a winner is not found is deemed expired.

All prices are stated in DKK currency and the balance must be paid in this currency unless otherwise agreed between buyer and seller. ShareWine assumes no responsibility for deviations between the price and conversion amount given.

All prices for goods on ShareWine include VAT.

The sale is only considered completed when the buyer has received the goods and a receipt.

ShareWine assumes no responsibility if a transaction is concluded between buyer and seller.

ShareWine only provides the technical platform and has no responsibility in connection with the private transactions.

ShareWine is not responsible for verifying the authenticity of either users or the goods sold on ShareWine.

ShareWine has no responsibility for the seller's or buyer's behavior, conduct, actions, guarantees, etc. in connection with trades on ShareWine.

ShareWine assumes no responsibility and does not take part in a case for either the seller or the buyer if one of the parties has breached its obligations.

ShareWine assumes no responsibility and does not take part in a case for either the seller or the buyer if one of the parties has breached its obligations.

ShareWine reserves the right to change an auction in relation to the deadline, bids, cancellation etc. where ShareWine has compelling legal or technical reasons for this. If it is technically possible, users will receive advance notice of this.

General terms

ShareWine reserves the right to close a member's account if there appears to be a breach of the regulations, including the submission of false registration information or other abuse of ShareWine's marketplace and auction services. Members whose account is closed may not re-register for ShareWine's auction services without our prior consent.

You can report any illegalities or anything that contradicts ShareWine's terms and conditions via hello@sharewine.com.

You acknowledge that all copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights relating to ShareWine's services are owned by ShareWine ApS.

ShareWine cannot guarantee access to ShareWine.com at all times. At times there may be a planned and temporary closure or technical breakdown. ShareWine cannot be held responsible for the lack of access that users may experience.

Sharewine is not liable to you or third parties for indirect or consequential damages, for loss of data, profit, income etc.

ShareWine is not responsible for failure to comply with our obligations under this agreement due to Force Majeure.

ShareWine is not obliged to enter into or mediate between buyer and seller in the event of any disagreements between the parties.

Advertising and marketing are not allowed on other users' ads. It is also not permitted to refer to the fact that a product can be bought cheaper somewhere else than on the sales ads in question.

ShareWine reserves the right to change our terms and conditions. In this case, members will be informed of this via email. The change will also appear on ShareWine.com