Dominio de Pingus

In the wine world, there are few vineyards that have achieved the same level of popularity and recognition as Dominio de Pingus in Ribera del Duero. The Spanish winery, founded by Danish-born winemaker Peter Sisseck, has become famous among wine enthusiasts worldwide in just a few decades.

The Story of Dominio de Pingus

Dominio de Pingus has a relatively short history, but the vineyard's journey to success is fascinating. Established in 1995 in the Ribera del Duero region in northern Spain, Peter Sisseck, already with a solid background in winemaking, was the brain behind the project. He chose the Ribera del Duero area because of its unique terroir and potential to produce exceptional, age-worthy wine.

An interesting chapter in the history of Dominio de Pingus occurred with the release of Pingus 1995 (first vintage). A significant portion of the bottles was lost at sea when a cargo ship carrying 75 cases of Pingus sank near the Azores in the North Atlantic on its way to the USA. The mystery surrounding the shipwreck, coupled with the fact that the already limited production of 325 cases was suddenly reduced by nearly 25%, doubled the price of Pingus in a short period. It marked the beginning of Pingus' cult status.

Portrait of Peter Sisseck

Peter Sisseck is a crucial factor behind the success of Dominio de Pingus. He is a passionate and visionary winemaker who has dedicated his life to creating world-class wine. With his Danish roots and extensive experience from some of the most renowned Bordeaux vineyards, he brought a unique approach to Ribera del Duero. He is known for his respect for nature, his focus on quality over quantity, and, notably, for expressing the terroir in his wines.

Peter Sisseck has also been an advocate for biodynamic wine production, an approach that respects nature with a focus on creating sustainable conditions in the vineyards. This commitment to careful soil management has helped create healthy vineyards and led to consistent high quality in the wines from Dominio de Pingus.

The wines from Dominio de Pingus

Dominio de Pingus produces the wines: Pingus, Flor de Pingus, and PSI. You can read more about them here:


This is the flagship of the winery and is known for its intensity and depth. Pingus is made exclusively from the Spanish grape variety Tempranillo, also known as Tinto Fino in Ribera del Duero. The wine undergoes a careful and time-consuming hand harvest, natural fermentation, and aging in new French oak barrels. The result is a wine with exceptional concentration and complexity, produced in a limited quantity of approximately 500 cases annually.

Tasting Profile of Pingus

Color and Bouquet: Pingus has a deep, almost ink-dark color, indicating the wine's concentration. On the nose, it opens up with complex aromas of dark berries such as blackcurrant and blueberry, floral notes, and subtle nuances of vanilla and spices from oak barrel aging.

Taste: At first sip, Pingus is intense and full-bodied, with a fantastic balance between fruit, acidity, and tannins. The taste of ripe berries and subtle mineral notes transforms into a persistent, silky-smooth finish in the mouth.

Flor de Pingus

Flor de Pingus is another remarkable wine from Dominio de Pingus. It is more accessible than Pingus but lacks no complexity. Flor de Pingus is also made from Tempranillo grapes and has a softer, more fruity character. The wine still maintains the characteristic structure and elegance expected from Dominio Pingus. The annual production of Flor de Pingus is around 4,000 cases.

Tasting Profile of Flor de Pingus

Color and Bouquet: Flor de Pingus has an intense ruby red color and an inviting bouquet of red berries such as cherries and raspberries, complemented by subtle spicy notes.

Taste: The taste is full, fruity, and well-balanced with soft tannins and a pleasant acidity, making the wine suitable for enjoying in its youth.


PSI is a special wine created by Dominio Pingus in collaboration with a group of local winegrowers in Ribera del Duero. The name PSI refers to the first initials of the involved villages - "P" for Pesquera, "S" for San Esteban de Gormaz, and "I" for Iscar.

This wine represents a unique philosophy at Dominio de Pingus. Instead of focusing solely on their own vineyards and production, Peter Sisseck chose to collaborate with local winegrowers from some of the best sites in the region. This has created a community with mutual respect among the producers in the area.

PSI is made from a blend of different grape varieties, primarily Tempranillo, but also with a touch of local grapes such as Garnacha and Bobal. This creates a wine with depth and complexity that reflects the diversity of the terroir in Ribera del Duero.

The wine undergoes a careful vinification process, including a long fermentation and aging in French and American oak barrels. The taste is well-balanced with soft tannins and a pleasant freshness. The annual production varies between approximately 10,000-20,000 cases.

Tasting Profile of PSI

Color and Bouquet: PSI has a deep ruby red color, signaling its concentration and depth. On the nose, the wine opens up with a complex bouquet of red and black fruits like cherries, blackberries, and blueberries. Additionally, you'll find spicy notes of roasted spices, vanilla, and subtle minerals, adding an extra dimension to the experience.

Taste: The wine has an impressive flavor profile that balances fruitiness, tannins, and acidity in a very elegant way. The taste of red and black fruits is well-integrated with notes of vanilla and spices. The tannins are soft and well-balanced, giving the wine good volume while being structured. There's also a pleasant freshness in the wine, contributing to its great drinkability.

Production Methods

Dominio de Pingus has a minimalist approach to winemaking. They use no artificial yeast strains and add minimal sulfur to the wine. This allows the natural character of the grapes to shine through in the wines. Their biodynamic approach and attention to detail in vineyard work also contribute to creating wines of the highest quality.

Today, Dominio de Pingus is synonymous with some of the most sought-after wines from Spain. Peter Sisseck's vision and expertise continue to pave the way for Dominio de Pingus' continued success, standing out as a true gem in the world of wine.