Louis Roederer vintage 2013

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Størrelse: 750 ml (Standard)
Antal: 3 flasker (pris per stk., sælges samlet)
Sidste 3 stk fra en kasse købt på Bruun Rasmussen i februar 2021. Opbevares i kælder.

Richard Juhlin: 92(94) - 39% oak barrels, great dominance of Verzy and almost no malolactic fermentation. A wonderful wine with much bigger muscles than in 2012. A real tasting winner and definitely one of the vintage's most delicious and finest creations. Buns, brioche, chocolate and nougat meet showy yellow fruit and result in a sounding pure reverberation with the help of mineral-dense Verzy.
Essi Avellan MW: 94(95) - Pale lemon green colour. Stunningly pure nose of cool, restrained fruitiness. Highly refined toastiness mingles with the juicy yuzy and floral tones. The fruit is just as crisp and crunchy on the palate as it was on the nose. Feels light but there is plenty of focused intensity to it. Mouthwatering acidity with succulent and energetic feel to the palate but the soft, creamy mousse balances the raciness beautifully.
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