Krug "Les Creations" 2003

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Størrelse: 750 ml (Standard)
Antal: 2 flasker (samlet pris)
Sjovt sæt bestående af 1 stk Vintage og 1 stk Grande Cuvee (ed. 159) fra samme årgang/base årgang. Købt som hel, original kasse hos forhandler i DK og altid korrekt opbevaret. Kasse medfølger ikke da jeg gerne vil bruge den til de resterende flasker.

Anmeldelser af Grande Cuvee edition 159:
Richard Juhlin: With a base from 2003 and in this perfect version stored longer in Krug's cellar. A wonderful wine where the reserve wine from the legendary 1988 is still present through its lime acid and ethereal beauty. Of course, the power and concentration from 2003 can be traceable again, but where that vintage lags a bit, the lime splash from more acidic vintages sets in and fills in the gaps to perfection. Magnificent development with gigantic aromatic strenght both in aroma and taste. Not as elegant as the Edition 164, but even larger in aroma and taste. Milk chocolate, roasted hazelnuts, croissants and orange nougat dominate over the Moroccan spices. A caressing, full and warm smiling veritable kiss from 5 Rue Coquebert. 95(95) pts. (April 2021)
Essi Avellan: The 2003 based Grande Cuvée, dubbed 'Mémoires', has a rather exotic, oriental character to it. On the nose the super ripe year’s dried fruit profile is combined to an enchanting spiciness, aromatic wood and saw dust notes. It comes with a broad, ample palate, which has even a surprisingly fresh feel to it. This cuvée is open and generous, drinking divinely now. 94(95) pts. (Septemebr 2016)

Anmeldelser for Vintage 2003:
Richard Juhlin: A much fresher and more well-made wine than Bollinger this year for example. Slightly dull, but noticeably great scent with dark brush strokes. When warming up, the cintage's slightly heavy, clumsy features feel a litlle. Otherwise, the wine again an unmistakable Krug with a structure and composition as more than a little reminiscent of the heroic 76 bears with its mighty while at the same time caressing concentration and silkiness. 93 (95) pts. (Oktober 2020).
Essi Avellan: Although a fine 2003 without a trace of heaviness or over-ripeness, for a Krug Vintage I find it to be distinctly simpler than the great years. The freshness of the wine is striking gained by the rather unusual blend, which has a particularly high Meunier content. Soft, deep, vanilla and tropical fruit character, the nose is now starting to show beautiful post-disgorgement development. Fleshy, round and strong body. Krug ID 214043 (disgorged Spring 2014) tasted in December 2019: Some mature tones on the aromatics, deeply fruity with stewed and dried fruit. Appears more youthful on the plush yet fresh palate. 93(94) pts. (December 2019)
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